I am building up a programme of illustrated talks, providing a fun introduction to many cultural and historical topics. Stuff that I’m passionate about and am happy to share with libraries, schools, businesses etc. My fees are competitive and depend on the size of venue and distance I have to travel. Please message me directly for details. I am currently only able to provide talks within the Greater London area at present. Talks last 50-60 minutes.


Ancient library pic

ANCIENT LIBRARIES UNCOVERED Ever since language was first written down libraries have existed to store records and stories and provided a space for people to research and study. In this illustrated talk we travel the ancient world – from Alexandria to Constantinople and beyond – exploring some of the most famous libraries in history, the people who created them and the fate of their priceless collections of knowledge.


A lost Sherlock Holmes film from 1916, found

THE SIGN OF SHERLOCK: THE HISTORY OF HOLMES ON SCREEN  Sherlock Holmes is arguably the most portrayed fictional character on cinema, TV and radio. From the very earliest days of film, directors have sought to find innovative, entertaining and often controversial ways to depict the great detective on screen.



JOHN DEE: SCIENTIST OR SORCERER?  Elizabeth I’s astrologer remains an enigma. A truly gifted mathematician, scholar and cartographer he was driven by a passion for discovery that led him down some very dark and bizarre paths. Dee’s eventful life sheds a very surprising light on the reigns of the Tudors.



Laurel and Hardy: From Soup to Nuts